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OMF’s Charity Initiative Demonstrates Community Support

The OMF introduced a charitable initiative during the 2018 OMA’s Annual General Meeting, where council members were asked to participate and donate items such as clothing, used eyeglasses and household supplies. The items were collected to support the Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre; CAMH Suits Me Fine and WomenAide.

This was the first time such an initiative was undertaken by the OMF that aligns with the Community Pillar.

Over 60 eyeglasses, 150 household items and over 200 articles of clothing, shoes and accessories were collected at that meeting.

Council delegates were also surveyed asking “Did you like the OMF’s charitable Initiative?” The responses were favorable by over 92%. Delegates also provided input into future charity initiatives that the OMF should support.

The OMF will continue this initiative annually and help those in need.

A father says Thank You

November 24, 2016

Brad Weston remembers getting his acceptance letter into University of Toronto Medical school. He also remembers the panic he felt at the prospect of moving his wife and family to Toronto with him. While he had put himself through undergraduate studies by working construction in the summers, he now found himself worried about providing for his young family.

A recipient of an OMSBF Bursary, Brad attended the Annual Golf Tournament this year, where he took the opportunity to thank the generous donors who are helping him fulfill his dream.

“I felt such a burden not only as a student, but as a husband and father. The bursary alleviated that burden and has been the greatest blessing to me and my family”

In his second year at U of T School of Medicine, Brad plans to eventually complete either a Family Medicine Residency (then a plus one in Emergency or Sports Medicine) or Orthopedic Surgery.

Learn more about how you can continue to make a difference for students like Brad and his family

Donors & Sponsor Recognition

The OMF has over 7,000 donors and sponsors in its database. Once an overall amount has been achieved, they are placed in the appropriate recognition levels. The donors and sponsors who have reached those recognition levels are highlighted below. (F) Denotes “Founder”

Principal Sponsors $500,000+

  • Canadian Medical Association / MD Financial Management
  • Canadian Medical Foundation
  • Ontario Medical Association

Presidents $250,000-$499,999

  • RBC Foundation
  • The Late Dr. George Edward Yee

Ambassadors $100,000-$249,999

  • Academy of Medicine Ottawa
  • AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
  • The Late Doris C Boes
  • The Late Arnold A Boes
  • Essex County Medical Society
  • Sun Life Financial

Directors $50,000-$99,999

  • Adam Linton Memorial Fund
  • AMGEN Canada Inc.
  • Bayer Inc.
  • Burlington Medical Society & Burlington Community Foundation
  • Campbell Moving System Inc.
  • GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
  • Ruth Hopson
  • Life Labs Medical Laboratory Services
  • Merck Frosst
  • New York Life Insurance
  • OMA District 11
  • Pfizer Canada Inc.
  • Dr. David Berbrayer
  • Dr. Glenn Ivan Sawyer

Benefactors $25,000-$49,999

  • Algoma West Academy of Medicine
  • Kitchener Waterloo Academy of Medicine
  • Dr. Alan P Hudak – (F)
  • Dr. Stephen E. Kosar (F)
  • Dr. Karl E Stobbe
  • Dr. Virginia Walley
  • OMA District 4
  • The Personal Insurance Company
  • Joe & Drenda Vijuk Foundation
  • York Central Medical Society

Sustainers $10,000-$24,999

  • Dr. Ken Arnold
  • Dr. Karl Jason Bandey
  • Dr. Gail M Beck – (F)
  • Dr. Nancy Leigh Bozek
  • Durham Medical Society
  • Dr. Daniel Marvin Fleming
  • Dr. Gregory J Flynn – (F)
  • Dr. Peter W Grant
  • Dr. Deborah Jean Hellyer
  • Dr. Marty Hopson
  • Mr. Neil J. Kernaghan
  • Dr. Bruce Wilson Knox
  • KPMG LLP Charitable Foundation
  • Dr. J Ian Macmillan
  • Dr. Dhakshi Mahesan
  • Dr. George Richard Mann
  • Dr. Robert Earl Mayo
  • Dr. Lawrence Man-Suen Mok
  • North Bay & District Medical Society
  • Ontario Medical Students Weekend (OMSW)
  • Pharmacia Canada
  • Physician Leadership Development Program, Cohort 4
  • Dr. John Douglas Ricketts
  • Dr. James D Rogers
  • Dr. Albert J Schumacher (F)
  • Dr. Peter Colin R Schuringa
  • Dr. Mary Kathryn Senterman
  • Dr. P C (Raju) Shah & Mrs Jyoti Shah
  • Society of Urologic Surgeons of Ontario
  • Sudbury & District Medical Society
  • Sunnybrook Medical Services Alternative Funding Plan Association
  • Dr. Fouad Tayfour
  • Dr. Muriel J Van Lierop (F)
  • Dr. Joy M Weisbloom
  • Dr. Mark E Whittaker
  • Dr. Janice Willett and Dr. Douglas Woolner (F)
  • Mr. Alexander H Yuan DSc (F)

Builders $5,000-$9,999

  • Dr. Laura Abbott
  • Dr. Mike Goodwin
  • Dr. Alykhan Sadrudin Abdulla
  • Dr. Michael Gordon
  • Dr. Allan Abramovitch
  • Dr. John E Gray (F)
  • Dr. Andrew David Baker
  • Dr. Donato Gugliotta
  • Dr. Eric James Barker
  • Dr. David Bernard Bach
  • Dr. E Halparin & Ms N Wigston
  • Dr. Maarten Bokhout
  • Dr. Robert J Hamilton & Dr. Shelagh M McRae
  • Dr. Pierre Bonin
  • Dr. Gamal Wanis Haroun
  • Dr. Michele Boyd
  • Dr. Thu-Lan Ho-Kim
  • Dr. Penelope Brook-Williams
  • Dr. Stuart G Holtby
  • Dr. Craig Erskine Campbell
  • Dr. Laura Anne Howlett
  • Dr. Thomas John Carr
  • Dr. Edward Earl Kassel
  • Dr. John David Catching
  • Dr. Ciaran Liam Thomas Kealy (F)
  • Dr. Mark Steven Cattral
  • Dr. Paul Edward Kenny
  • Dr. Margaret J Collins
  • Dr. Shajia Khan
  • Dr. Brian Michael Curran
  • Mrs. Barbara Kosar and Family
  • Dr. Michael Dales
  • Dr. Elizabeth Kocmur
  • Dr. Fareed Denath
  • Dr. Charles Lazzam
  • Dr. Anthony T DeLuco (F)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mary Laurie-Pile
  • Dr. Lawrence Ebisuzaki
  • Dr. Yuen-Ming Lam
  • Dr. John Byron Erb
  • Dr. Dana Yue-Ching Liang
  • Dr. Paul Eshleman
  • The Legresley Family Foundation
  • Dr. Garett Vincent Foley
  • Dr. Tin-Cheung Leung
  • Dr. Frank Yee-Chuan Loy
  • Dr. Angus Graham Maciver
  • Roberts Family – In Memory of Dr. Martyn Roberts
  • Dr. R. Renwick Mann(F)
  • Dr. Kimberly Rogers
  • Dr. Ann T Marshall
  • Dr. Ralph Robert Foster Ruby
  • Dr. Hoi Sum Wong
  • Dr. Alan David Campbell Ryley
  • Dr. Anargyros Xenocostas
  • Dr. Pandey A S Sahay
  • Dr. David John Margetts
  • Sault Ste. Marie Physician Recruitment
  • Dr. George R Massarella (F)
  • Dr. Kristine Marie Schipper
  • Dr. Donald Louis Melady
  • Dr. Hugh Scully
  • Dr. Steven Phillip Nadler
  • Dr. Lesley Anne Sinclair
  • North West Toronto Family Health Group
  • Dr. Deborah Lee Smith
  • OMSA – Health Care Associates
  • Drs Elaine & J Alan Spencer (F)
  • Dr. Shobhana J Patel
  • Dr. Janet Elizabeth Still
  • Dr. Lawrence Thomas Patrick
  • Stitches Magazine
  • Physician Leadership Development Program, Cohort 3
  • Doris Y. Sutherland
  • Carol Yuen-Man Peng
  • Dr. Edwin B Toffelmire
  • Dr. Dieu Huu Pham
  • Dr. Anna T Tomiak
  • Dr. Dennis Pitt (F)
  • Dr. Janet M Van Vlymen & Dr. Paul Dungey
  • Dr. David Norris Preston
  • Dr. Evelyn C Westen
  • Dr. David Charles Rainham
  • Dr. Mark Anthony Wilkinson
  • Dr. Kathy Reducka
  • Dr. James L Reynolds