Many students ending up with debt loads of well over $100,000

Large discrepancy between the cost of a medical education and the financial assistance available.

Students who cannot afford a long and expensive education are at risk of self-selection out of medicine.

Students are grateful for your support! Thanks to generous donors – over 1,900 students have received crucial financial support to date!

Ontario Medical Student Bursary Fund

A successful initiative of the OMF created in 1999 in response to increasing tuition fees and mounting debts for Ontario medical students. Funds raised are provided to students in financial need through the distribution of  bursaries. The OMSBF offers two types of bursaries.

General Bursaries

All students enrolled in an Ontario school of medicine are automatically eligible for a $3,000 Bursary.  Each university Financial Aid office will nominate the students who are in the greatest financial need. The total number of bursaries available each year is determined according to first year enrolment numbers at the school.

Please note that Students do not need to apply for these bursaries.

Named Bursaries

OMSBF Named Bursaries are $2,000 bursaries established by an individual or group to commemorate a physician’s achievements, in memory of a colleague or relative, to support a student pursuing a specific specialty, or from a certain area of the province.

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OMF Elective Bursaries

For undergraduate medical students to gain a broad range of clinical experience through their elective programs

Students – are you travelling for an elective this year?

The Ontario Medical Foundation (OMF) offers two $500 bursaries per year to students at each of the six Ontario medical schools.

These bursaries are specifically allocated to assist students enrolled in an elective program. Recipients are chosen based on factors including academic validity of the learning experience, location, adequate academic achievement, and need for assistance.

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