As physicians, you are in a unique position to give back to the community and those in need. As leaders and respected members of your communities, you have the resources and talents that many others do not.

For new physicians, contributions do not have to be monetary. You can give back to the community by donating blood, serving on local boards, organizing a clothing drive donating old medical books to Third World countries or volunteering. The opportunities are endless


Community Support

Physicians collectively supporting communities in need through charity initiatives such as helping the less fortunate, eyeglasses recycling, Health-related causes and so on.

Read more about the the OMF Charity Initiative at OMA’s Annual General Meeting.

Crowd Funding

The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

A policy has been created to ensure clear guidelines regarding causes the Ontario Medical Foundation will fundraise through crowd-funding on behalf of and organizations they will subsequently offer support to”

Crowd-Funding Policy

  • Campaign ideas can be raised by OMF/OMA staff or OMA Members, however, all campaigns must be approved by the OMF President or a designate
  • Funds will only be raised on behalf of a qualified donee that is registered in Canada.
  • Preferred donees include:
    Canadian Red Cross. Doctors without Borders. Salvation Army Canada
  • Eligible causes to receive funding are limited to communities in crisis following a natural disaster. Examples include:

    • Floods

    • Hurricanes

    • Wildfires

    • Outbreaks
  • Funds will not be raised in support of an individual(s)
  • Funds will be raised for the purpose of providing a one-time donations and will not be an ongoing source of support for the charitable organization
  • The Ontario Medical Foundation will retain a portion of funds (approximately 8%*) for admin and processing fees. In future this could potential be absorbed by the OMF.
  • The remaining funds must be donated to the charitable organization stated in the email sent to members

*admin fee – 5%
*Credit card processing fees – 2.598% + $0.26 per transaction (CAD)

Community Programs – In Development

Community Outreach

Funding for physicians to travel to high-needs areas within Ontario with and emphasis on Aboriginal Communities